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Tyres are the main component of the car, which gives the performance, pace, safety and style to it. There are various types of tyres with different specifications, size and designs. The quality of cars tyres is measured on the three basis factors: durability, friction and gripping strength. For day-to-day works you need to drive the car and look for less noise creating, rough & tough tyres that have great grip even on muddy roads. There are five types of car tyres: Standard or All Season Tyres, Performance Tyres, Winter Tyres, All Terrain Tyres and Run Flat Tyres. Standard or All season Tyres are made-up of harder material that extend their life. These are designed on tread block pattern that produces minimum noise on standard roads. All season tyres are perfectly works in summer and rainy season however, you need to compromise on handling and cornering part.

Performance tyres have soft rubber as the manufacturing material, which provide excellent girp on the roads in the dry and rainy season. Though, their life is shorter than the Standard tyres but these are right option for those who want speed and great handling performance with their car. Winter tyres have been designed with large tread block pattern and can have embedded small metal studs in tread that offer better gripping in winter season. You will enjoy driving your car even in snow and ice with perfect handling. But, Winter tyres are not compatible for all year round because these get damage in extreme dry conditions. Whereas, All terrain tyres generally used in off road vehicles because these are very noisy by nature. But, have unmatched gripping on loose surfaces like sand and dirt with its large tread block pattern.

Run Flat Tyres makes your car able to run without air for short distance at low speed. However, these are innovative and fresh idea but now commonly used in new car editions. With these tyres you will find smart handling even when they get punctured. More information is available on which is a rich online market where you will find excellent products from different brands and profitable deals with attractive discounts.
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Car Tyres, Car Tyres Prices India

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This article was published on 2010/12/08