Continental Tyres And The New Eu Tyre Label.

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The EU Commission has a goal of steadily increasing the percentage of premium tyres sold across the European Union and Continental Tyres fully supports this objective. Indeed, Continental Tyres welcomes the new EU Tyre Label and is actively promoting the benefits of the scheme.

The new EU tyre label, which will of course appear on all products from Continental Tyres, was introduced so that end-users could be given some essential information to help them when choosing new tyres by providing standardised information on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise. Effective from November 2012, Continental Tyres advise that this labelling is required for every tyre on sale and uses the familiar A to G key letter and colour codes similar to those already in use on domestic appliances.

The labels indicate three key performance characteristics of the tyre which Continental Tyres understand will be of significant interest to motorists. These are as follows:

Fuel efficiency/Rolling resistance
Graded by lower (A) to higher (G) fuel consumption at 3-4% intervals, this shows the effect of the tyres rolling resistance on fuel consumption. Continental Tyres point out that a lower grading means less fuel is used and less CO2 is emitted; cutting driving costs and helping the environment.

Wet grip/Braking performance
Graded by shorter (A) to longer (G) braking distance in wet conditions, this shows the change in wet stopping distance in car lengths from a speed of 50 mph. The point to note according to Continental Tyres, is that the difference between an A and an F grading is approximately 18 metres.

Noise emission/Exterior noise
This is measured in decibels (dB) and the more black bars, the more noise is generated by the tyre. Choosing a tyre with a lower grading therefore will mean a quieter drive inside the vehicle and help to reduce noise pollution outside; factors which are important to the design of Continental Tyres.

Continental Tyres takes care to point out that other considerations are important; especially in winter conditions. However these are not shown on the label so the motorist is advised to consult alternative information sources such as manufacturers literature and published tyre tests. However, say Continental Tyres, the new label only shows three of over fourteen important points regarding tyre performance. Indeed, Continental Tyres advise that this means that tyre tests will continue to be the most comprehensive source of information for motorists. Indeed, Continental Tyres is satisfied that these tests because provide complete and independent reports covering nearly all criteria for the most popular tyre sizes.
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Continental Tyres And The New Eu Tyre Label.

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This article was published on 2010/11/12