Ford joins winter tyre band wagon

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Like many of the leading car manufactures Ford is now also offering its customers Winter Tyres. The recent cold weather and sub zero temperatures have prompted car makers to come up with this idea to help reduce accidents and slip ups during the cold months.

Although not that popular in the UK winter tyres are common around Europe, in some countries it is the law that during winter all cars be fitted with winter tyres. The compound and tread pattern of winter tyres as well as the adhesion they provide are invaluable on dangerous, wet, snowy and icy surfaces.
Summer tyres are fitted as standard on all passenger cars in the UK, including the Ford KA in Kent, have a harder tread compound, engineered to ensure grip in normal warm temperatures.

New construction techniques and high-tech materials mean that winter tyres now perform superbly in all conditions - even warm, dry weather - but excel more so when temperatures fall. Ford and Pirelli are predicting the days from 1st January to 28th February to be the coldest of the year where average daily temperatures will be less than 7 degrees Celsius.  

In an initiative to make Britain's roads safer Pirelli and Ford are offering a 50% refund if their predicted temperatures are proved incorrect and the average daily temperature is above 7 degrees Celsius.

Paul Muers, marketing manager for Ford Customer Service Division, said: "The snowy and icy conditions we're experiencing right now and the severity of last winter really bring the benefits of these tyres into sharp focus. Until recently, British drivers haven't had the option of cold weather tyres - something which is the norm in other European countries. With Pirelli, we're changing that and giving drivers the chance to fit cold weather tyres - and we're so confident of the benefits, we will refund them half the cost if the winter stays warm!

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Ford joins winter tyre band wagon

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This article was published on 2010/12/16