How to increase the age of your tyres

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Maintain appropriate tyre air pressure

This is undoubtedly the most important tip and can increase your tyres’ age by a year or more. Make sure that you get your tyres’ air pressure checked every fortnight and get them inflated at regular intervals. Underinflated tyres get deflected more and get more heated up. Heat leads to tyre damage and degradation. Under-inflation also leads to poor fuel economy and makes the tyres more vulnerable to punctures. Also make sure that the gauge you’re using to check the tyres’ air pressure is accurate. Also make sure that the valve caps are always screwed on properly. They prevent air leakage and also thwart dust particles from entering inside.

Rotate tyres

It is strongly recommended that you rotate the tyres after every 7,500 miles. This practice reduces any uneven wear that the tyres might have. This will greatly improve the age of your tyres as no rotation ultimately causes the uneven wear to build up and you end up pulling your car to the side of the road every now and then.

Visual and fingertips inspection

Regularly inspect your tyres for any visual punctures and damage which you can get repaired immediately. Also running your fingers across the tyres’ tread can bring to notice any alignment concerning damage. You can also get the alignment checked from a professional on a regular basis if you wish so or are apprehensive about the fingertips approach.

Refrain from rash driving and immediate braking

The quality and age of your tyres is greatly dependent on the way you drive. Rash driving, rough turns and immediate brakes can lead to undoable tyre damage that can significantly reduce the lifetime of your tyres. While smooth driving keeps your tyres happy, rash driving leads to more friction between the tyres’ surface and roads and generates heat which damages tyres intensely.

Mount the tyres in accordance with the respective rolling direction

Make sure you mount the tyres keeping in mind the specified rolling direction. Mounting tyres opposite to their rolling direction can reduce their age significantly.

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How to increase the age of your tyres

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How to increase the age of your tyres

This article was published on 2013/07/29