How To Maintain Car Tyres

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Car tyres are one of the most important components of a car. You can imagine what will be a car without tyres! Certainly it will be of no use. Apart from making a car to run, tyres have important effect on the cars safety and performance. In that case, if we are talking about the maintenance of the car, the maintenance of the tyre is very important. If you are using a car with an old and worn out tyre, you are putting your life to danger as car may skid anytime.

Here are given a few tips for maintenance of the car tyres.

In case of car tyres, make sure that tread pattern is same for all the tyres. Do not mix radial tyres with other tyres. Another important thing elongates the life of your tyres is the air pressure. It should be maintained at prescribed level. Lower air pressure that prescribed one can lead to various problems such as reduced driving stability, high fuel consumption and harm to suspensions. On the other hand, excess air pressure leads to faster wearing down of the tyres and a rough ride. Air pressure should be checked when they are cool as air expands when it is hot. Tyres get hot car is running for long time.

Another great tip for maintenance of car tyres is exchange the diagonally after every 5000 km of ride. For this exchange front right tyre with rear left tyre. Wheel alignment is very important for the maintenance of the car as it elongates the life of the tyre. Proper wheel alignment is also important for the safety of the car. It prevents the unnecessary centrifugal force and wobbling of tyres. One thing that prevents unusual wearing of the tyres at one edge is positive cambering. It means wheels are set apart at the top than at the bottom.

Whenever you buy new car tyres, do not ignore the importance of tyre tubes. Furthermore, tyre and tube should be same brand to make the best impact.

Apart from these maintenance tips for tyres, you should also avoid driving car at very high speeds as it damages the tyres. Also, refrain from heavy braking to avoid early wearing of the tyres. Keep checking your car tyres for any small pieces of metal or stone as they may damage the tyre if they stayed there in groves for long.

If you need to change tyres of your car, it is very important to have right information about the tyres of different brands. In addition, get information about the tyre prices in India.
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How To Maintain Car Tyres

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This article was published on 2010/11/02