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Offering drivers of small city cars superior dry handling qualities without compromising on wet performance or rolling resistance parameters, the Dunlop SP StreetResponse from Dunlop Tyres is a new summer tyre which is the first standard tyre of its kind to incorporate what Dunlop Tyres calls 'Touch Technology'. According to Dunlop Tyres, 'Touch Technology' is a combination of a number of sophisticated tyre technologies such as Multi Radius Tread Technology (MRT), a specific bead seat system, a flatter tread profile and an asymmetrical tread design with a variable land to sea ratio.

When put together, Dunlop Tyres stress that these technologies ensure better road feedback, better steering precision and cornering stability, as well as enhanced grip on dry road surfaces.

Dunlop is confident that the new Dunlop SP StreetResponse is the right tyre for drivers of small city cars who want to enjoy driving in an urban environment. Indeed Dunlop Tyres believes that the Dunlop SP StreetResponse provides an excellent mix of performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The tyre's tread design features wide circumferential and lateral grooves which, according to Dunlop Tyres, ensure maximum water dissipation and aquaplaning resistance. Bi-directional sipes and notches in the central rib have been put there by Dunlop Tyres to enhance wet surface grip in curves. Furthermore, Dunlop Tyres say the presence of L-shaped and Z-shaped sipes on the shoulder blocks should ensure excellent acceleration and braking on wet roads.

The tread compound used in Dunlop Tyres Dunlop SP StreetResponse contains an advanced tread compound with functionalised polymers that ensure better wet grip without compromising rolling resistance. Functionalised polymers say Dunlop, ensure a strengthened interaction between the silica and polymer and a better distribution of the silica in the compound. This is said by Dunlop Tyres to ensure a reduced energy loss for good rolling resistance levels, while improving key performance parameters such as wet handling and braking.

Dunlop Tyres are also keen to point out that their Multi Radius Tread Technology (MRT) means that tyre tread patterns are conventionally developed on the basis of three different radii. MRT design employs ten different radii and therefore, says Dunlop, is more precise, with the pressure across the tyre managed more effectively. The result is a significantly better control over the evolution of the footprint in driving conditions. Dunlop Tyres concludes that the shape of the tyre changes more smoothly when it moves from a straight to a curve, leading to more precise and progressive reactions.
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Small City Car Tyre From Dunlop Tyres

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This article was published on 2010/10/21