Types of Car Tyres

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It is ridiculous to imagine a car without tyres. The tyres for a car are what legs for us. There are different types of car tyres for different tyres and models of cars. A good quality tyres are must for the best performance of a car. Before you by car tyres, it is important that you know about the various types of car tyres available in the market.

The performance Tyres are designed for the people who love drive at faster speeds like a sports car. Though tyres help the car run faster, they are softer and have lesser life. Due to the softness, these tyres have better grip on the road and around corners. However, they are suited for dry conditions only as they cannot handle water like the normal tyres do. One such tyre is slick used for racing. However, slick tyres used for Formula 1 racing do not last longer than 200-300 km. At higher speed, these tyres have more grips.

All weather tyres are the most common types of tyres used for most of the car manufacturers. In fact these tyres are used for intermediate kind of cars. They have h features which lie between wet weather tyres and slick tyres. Cars with these tyres can easily tread through the wet roads also. These tyres are harder and more durable.

Wet Weather tyres are even softer than the performance tyres. These tyres are deigned such that they need to reach a certain temperature to grip well and perform better. These car tyres are recommended for the car plying rainy areas. These tyres diffuse maximum amount of water on road when they tread.

Snow and mud tyres are designed to help move car in tough conditions. These are suitable for snowy and icy terrain. The normal tyres will loose the grip on such roads. These tyres make a lot of noise. Moreover, if driven on dry roads with higher speed, the tyres and roads will wear out soon.

All terrain tyres are good for SUV's and 4WD vehicles. They can tread on normal roads and off-road conditions. The mud tyres have extra deep treads. They can have good grip in muddy conditions also. However, these tyres cannot be used on normal roads.

When planning to buy tyres, first determine your needs such as type of car, road conditions, climate and usage. The car tyre prices depend upon the type, model and brand.

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Types of Car Tyres

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This article was published on 2010/10/07